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Welcome on "Hanson Pre Fame"! This is one of the best resources about the early years of the american pop/rock band Hanson.

Discover the before the fame's life of Isaac, Taylor and Zachary Hanson ... here you can find baby and young photos, info and fun facts, rare videos and the pre fame tapes and albums with lyrics.

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NEW adorable childhood picture of the boys with their little sisters Jessi and Avie. Aren't they the most beautiful kiddos ever? See all the pre fame pics in the photo gallery. :)

Many thanks and all credit to Hanson Rares Tumblr


I addedd new rare prefame merchandise pics! Hanson 3 Car Garage poster, MMMbop's bag and a rare pre-fame pack. Click HERE and HERE for enjoy the photos on a bigger size.   


A super RARE "Boomerang" shirt back from 1995! It is on sale now on ebay

You can see all the "Boomerang" pics in the "Boomerang" page. 


Plus I have create a Ed Sheeran pre fame site... check it out! http://earlyedsheeran.jimdofree.com 


My new Hanson vid full of RARE pre fame pics! Enjoy it! Click on my Youtube Channel for see more Hanson videos!